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The exploitation of the marble mine is

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-23
Beautiful white rock mountain, pieces of marble block is cut out like a cheese, let a person shock and surprise! Beautiful white rock mountain, pieces of marble block is cut out like a cheese, let a person shock and surprise! Into small pieces of solid surface sheets for sale from pieces of big square square, and then is passed the truck away from the winding mountain road, as a unique scenery line on mine. Mine is to have a certain mining realm of independent production and business operation entity ore. Mine mining will turn green to white, but after exploitation value created is vast boundless. Can intuitively feel on mine orebody and ore quality on the surface of the changes, workers in the severe environment, to separate the mountain within the marble, should worry about mining cut diamond rope in the process of fracture, and to guard against the mountain blasting slungshot. mining and the construction of the mine road is also very important, the construction of the mine road to the mining area of the annual average temperature, average annual precipitation stage, rain, frost and other factors may be to evaluate the effects of mining resources development, in the operations in the best time of the year and its length and reasonable arrangement. mines the slopes of highway road. Road slope steep, steep roads, rainy days the road slippery, easy to cause the vehicle rollover accident or skid. Mine drilling machine operation process will produce a lot of dust, dust prevention measures, workers will be taken to wear earplugs, prevent drill noise cause damage to the ear. People as a porter of natural solid surface sheets for sale, in order to create a higher value of natural marble, do not hesitate to use all of the technology, produce marble block from the mines, and risked their lives to bring them over to the factory processing and then sold to all over the world, every stone condensing stone person's painstaking care, are worthy of respect.
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