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The forefront of cleaning projects: new home wasteland cleaning procedures and standards-cleaning project, new home wasteland, cleaning procedures

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-26

Wasteland reclamation is the forefront of cleaning projects. Because construction projects often leave a lot of garbage and dirt, various ground stones, and cement slurry blocks, paint, glass glue, water stains, rust, etc. are left on the walls. It must be cleaned in the land reclamation work, so it is a more difficult, complicated and laborious work. The quality of the land reclamation project will directly affect the quality and grade of the cleaning work in the future, so it is very important to do a good job in land reclamation. . The procedures are as follows: 1. First, clean up the decoration waste left on the site; clean up wasteland in the new home; 2. Vacuum from top to bottom; 3. Clean the glass: first wipe the glass frame with a towel, and then use a water applicator to dip the diluted Aqueous glass solution, evenly spread the glass from top to bottom, remove stubborn stains with a spatula, repeat the above process and scrape it with a scraper from top to bottom, and wipe the water marks left on the frame with a dry towel, Wipe the water marks on the glass with the machine skin. 4. Bathroom: Adhere to the principle of top-down, first identify the material of the toilet roof, whether it is PVC, aluminum-plastic board or paint, and then use different cleaning methods according to different materials; use cleaning balls or It is a board brush to clean the walls of the bathroom, focusing on the gaps of the tiles, and the glue marks, paint spots, cement stains, etc. left on the surface of the tiles; use the towel to clean the sanitary ware in the bathroom, and use the stainless steel cleaning solution to clean various and pipe fittings; The ground machine cleans the ground later, because it is the corners of the ground, and uses cleaning balls and blades to decontaminate the corners that cannot be washed by the washing machine, remove cement stains, etc.; After that, use a dry towel to wipe the water and other pipe fittings again. 5. Kitchen: The procedure is the same as above. Note: Because there are many stainless steel pipe fittings in the kitchen, it should be the focus of cleaning. 6. Bedrooms and halls: Dust the walls with dusters or vacuum cleaners, wipe lamps, switch boxes, smoke exhausts, air conditioners, exhausts, etc. 7. Door and frame: distinguish the material of the door, after diluting it with a professional cleaner, wipe it with a towel, the procedure is also from top to bottom, stack the towel into a square, and wipe from left to right from the top of the door, without any omissions , the place with glue stains can be treated with glue remover; the procedure of the frame is the same; it must be done without omissions and defects. 8. Floor cleaning: After all the cleaning is done, the floor should be divided into different materials, whether it is wooden floor, ceramic tile, or stone. After distinguishing, choose special detergent to dilute it, Start cleaning. The glue stains on the ground can be removed with a blade, and the stubborn ones can be treated with a glue remover; after the last process is completed, the foreman should check it once, and then evacuate the site after confirming that there is nothing left. 9. Corner line: Wipe with a towel, and use a blade to remove various glue marks, paint spots, etc. Standard: Glass standard: no water marks, no fingerprints, no stains, bright and clean. The standard of the bathroom: no color difference on the wall, no obvious stains, no paint spots, no glue marks, clean and bright sanitary ware, bright and clean stainless steel pipe fittings, no defects on the floor, no omissions, no odor. Kitchen standard: the wall has no color difference, no obvious stains, no paint spots, no glue traces, the stainless steel pipe fittings are bright and clean, and the floor has no defects or omissions. Bedroom and hall standards: no dust on the walls, clean lamps, switch boxes clean and no glue stains, no dust or glue spots on the air outlet and air outlet of the air conditioner; Door and frame standards: no glue spots, no paint spots, smooth touch, yes Glossy, no dust on the door edge. The standard of the ground: the wooden floor has no glue stains and is clean; the tiles have no dust, no paint spots, no cement stains, and are shiny; the stone has no stains, no glue spots, and high gloss.

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