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The hidden dangers of toilet safety should not be ignored Equipotential safety protection-bathroom, hidden dangers

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-30

Nowadays, toilets carry more and more functions, and the entry of various electrical appliances into the toilets also brings hidden dangers to the safety of electricity use. The 2011 version of the 'Residential Design Code' (hereinafter referred to as the new 'Code'), which was officially implemented on August 1 this year, also attaches great importance to the electrical design of the bathroom. The new 'Code' clearly stipulates that the residential bathroom must be installed with equipotential. This clause becomes the standard of enforcement. Multiple electric shock accidents in wet toilets In recent years, reports about electric shock accidents in the bathroom, resulting in annual personal casualties, are common in the newspapers. Industry insiders told the reporter Focus Real Estate Network that the main reason for such electric shock accidents is that the impedance of the human body drops sharply after getting wet. It turns out that when the human body is dry, the resistance of the body is relatively large, usually about 2000 ohms. At this time, if a voltage of dozens of volts passes through the human body, it will feel more numb, and there will be no other problems. But it's different after taking a shower. After a person takes a shower, the body is soaked all over, and the body impedance is greatly reduced. At this time, the resistance may only be 100-200 ohms. At this time, even if the voltage introduced into the toilet along the metal pipe is only ten or twenty volts, it is enough to cause ventricular fibrillation and death. The bathroom is generally equipped with a bathtub or shower tray home.focus.cn, the indoor environment is relatively humid, and the possibility of electric shock accidents is very high. In view of this, the bathroom has been listed as a special place with high risk of electric shock by international electrical standards. Equipotential is listed as a mandatory clause. As a place that is prone to electric shock accidents, is there a device that can protect the safety of occupants like an airbag? The answer is yes: this is equipotential bonding. Industry insiders told reporters that the 'Residential Design Code' issued by the state in 2005 stipulates that toilets should be equipped with equipotential bonding, but this regulation is not a mandatory standard. In recent years, although developers have basically reserved equipotential boxes in residential design, many decoration companies and residents do not know this regulation, and they are even less aware of the function of this box. In order to ensure the safety of electricity use in the bathroom, Article 8 of the new 'Residential Design Code' clearly stipulates that the equipotential connection should be made in the residential bathroom. Regarding the provisions on equipotentiality, there is only one word difference between the old and new versions of the 'Code': that is, the original should be changed to should. The mandatory clauses of the new norm have clarified the status of equipotential alumni that must be installed, and it also shows that the country is paying more and more attention to this issue. How to install airbags Or copper core wires are connected to each other. Local equipotential bonding in the toilet can make the toilet at the same potential, which helps to reduce the potential difference and prevent the occurrence of dangerous contact voltage. It can be seen that equipotential is like a fire hydrant Sohu.com, or an airbag in a car, and its safety and importance cannot be ignored. When making equipotential bonding, it is necessary to ensure the reliable conduction of the equipotential bonding. In addition, the use of equipotential bonding can actually achieve grounding, because the pipelines and basic steel bars it connects play a low-resistance and long-life grounding function, which is far better than the artificial grounding device that was specially driven into the ground in the past. In order to better integrate the implementation and promotion of the new 'SpecificationsThe relevant person in charge of the association reminded the general public to pay attention to the use of equipotential in the process of home decoration.

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