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The importance of white marble stone industry at home and abroad

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-11
White marble is a precious stone nest marble varieties of fangshan district. Hard white of white marble, stone radiant with light watermark in the body, commonly known as sweat line, so the name of white marble. White marble dolomite marble, dolomite is often mixed with objects that contain calcium, as cement of dolomite crystals, also have a small amount of secondary minerals, general color such as white, gray, is mainly composed of dolomitic mineral Ca, MgO style, MgO style is as high as 20%, as the uniform fine structure, block structure. White marble resources are rich in our country, formed the three big famous mining area, as well as stone pit 'China white' as the representative of north mining area; In laizhou 'Snow White', GanYu 'Snow White' as the representative of east China; In sichuan baoxing white 'Oriental', southwest of yunnan 'white haitang' represented by the mining area. In the country, currently found or series of white marble mine total about 190. With white marble is white, plus its unique quality, the industry is also sometimes call the above a few white marble, or straight white marble known as well. In the home of well white solid surface sheets stone nest town, stone is rich in resources, only the marble reserves reached 24. 5 million cubic meters. As a national treasure of 800000 cubic meters of white marble, and named in yunnan marble marble reserves in yunnan also is only 3974. 92 cubic meters, the reserves of marble stone nest town in terms of the country is at the important position, especially in the country is white marble acrylic countertops material reserves. Well white marble stone nest for its excellent hard texture, the quality of the white and smooth, the solemn grandeur of famous Chinese and foreign style, reputation, and is unanimously recognized experts at home and abroad. Has therefore, premier zhou enlai was the white marble gave high evaluation: white marble is a 'national treasure', be restricted mining and protective applications, shall not be exported block. National standard working group in March 1998 was held in quanzhou city, fujian province, 10 solstice 12 validation will 'natural stone material uniform number' of national standard, fang shan magmatic rock socket was named the national standard M1101 of white marble, referred to as 'number one' in China, and the compressive strength of 156. 4 mpa, bending strength, 19. 12 mpa, shore should be 42 degrees. 4 degrees, polishing 102 degrees and ranked first of 'Chinese famous varieties, stone village', which shows a white marble in the important position of domestic stone industry. Well white marble stone pit mining, processing and has a long history and old, can be traced back to 2000 years ago in the han dynasty, processing mainly manual sculpture decorative arts. After time alternating development until now, white marble building, building materials, decoration industry at home and abroad has been widely applied. It with its white as snow, jade, such as cream, refrigerant simple but elegant, solemn invasion and become the symbol of auspicious, decorous, riches and honour. Such as the sui and tang dynasties yunju temple by the board, smoke winding scripture-storing cave Buddha column board, through the vicissitudes of life and long, still glorious takes a person. Imperial commodities, such as the world-famous Beijing the imperial palace, the temple foundation stone to longfeng relief, from huabiao sundial to yunlong imperial way, choose the fang shan magmatic rock nest white marble, after more than 400 years still shows its elegant royal style. After the founding of new China, and shows the unique style of white marble, the top ten architecture in Beijing have nine chose white marble, chairman MAO memorial hall, monument to the people's heroes, flag tiananmen square columns plate base XiangGangTing, macau club and in the great hall of the people and the diaoyutai state guesthouse of decorative stone, the stone and stone carving art from the fang shan magmatic rock socket. Huabiao expo of yunnan province in recent years, the return of a lotus base, almost all domestic large activities and landmark building adopts the white marble stone of fang shan magmatic rock socket. Especially in our country to meet the one thousand celebration of the century, in the construction of the high quality of the China millennium monument as a portal of China millennium monument, weighing in at 35 tonnes of whole piece of white marble, like a statue on the altar of god, is located in the flame directly in front of the square. This huge rock long 8. 65 m, width of 1. 43 meters, 1 high. 5 meters, so huge blocks of white solid surface sheets in domestic for the first time found that is priceless. Positive engraved by hand inscribed 'China millennium monument' five gold Chinese characters, the back carves Zhu Xiangyuan contributor of the preface to the China millennium monument, giving emphasis to the China millennium monument masculine qi, showing the grand verve of the Chinese nation. Internationally renowned Chinese acrylic countertops varieties has always been one black one white, one white as well as the white marble acrylic countertops nest, has become the symbol of wealth and power in the international market, favored by foreign dignitaries da palace. Well stone masons in the hollow of the sea, bring China's white marble, in China the mini-sculpture to the people of the world, the village was known as the Beijing suburbs outside the construction of village, the production of white marble sculpture works of art are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, southeast Asia, widely used in foreign royal prince, collection and classical botanical garden sculpture. Such as Chinese courtyard in northern Japan, Canada, fung wah park in yushu dragon pavilions, Singapore national forest park landmark sculpture, the Egyptian world park miniature landscape of Chinese classical garden, Paris, France, Germany BaiLinDe month white marble stone archway, etc.
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