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The integrated bathroom makes your eyes shine - integrated bathroom, increasingly prominent

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-03

In the past, the bathroom space in the family occupied a small area, and it was also a more private space in life. With the improvement of housing conditions, the area of u200bu200bbathroom space in the family is increasing, and the number is also increasing, people's requirements for bathroom space are also increasing, and the function of bathroom is developing in the direction of health, comfort and leisure. The demand for integrated bathroom is becoming more and more prominent. To get rid of the limitations of traditional bathroom, bathroom space is moving closer to a more humane, and its decoration is no longer just to realize basic life functions, but to pay more and more attention to enjoying life. Among them, bathroom appliances also pay more attention to the continuous integration with the overall home decoration style. For example, the introduction of a wall-hung boiler has replaced the function of a single water heater, and the common bathroom ceiling has also been replaced with a high-level integrated ceiling. The categories of household appliances are becoming more and more abundant People's requirements for health and comfort have become a kind of bathroom culture, which also makes more and more household appliances enter the family bathroom space. From the perspective of the types of electrical products, in the past bathrooms were basically washing machines, water heaters, and bathroom heaters, but now saunas, massage bathtubs, computerized body washes, smart hand dryers, toothbrush sterilizers, computerized foot basins, etc. These small household appliances have gradually entered the bathrooms of the common people, and there are also more and more various personal care and beauty small household appliances. Continuous upgrade of product performance Consumers' demand for enjoying bathroom life is becoming more and more prominent, and the requirements for bathing comfort are increasing, which puts forward higher requirements for the performance of bathroom products, which is reflected in the market changes of related products. Taking the water heater products that are widely used in bathrooms as an example, consumers' comfort for the products is gradually improving, and the water volume requirements are increasing. On the one hand, the volume of the main products has increased to varying degrees. In the late 1990s, the sales of 40L electric water heaters accounted for two-thirds of the market, and the main sales volume of gas water heaters was 5 to 7L. The volume of the kingpin has risen to about 60L, and the gas water heater is 8-10L. On the other hand, various technologies such as constant temperature and intelligent control are more and more applied to products, indicating that consumers need high-flow and comfortable toiletries. In the past, Yuba was generally used for heating in the bathroom, but now many people choose to install the integrated ceiling of the upgraded product of Yuba. Home-made beauty and body care Everyone has the pursuit of beauty. In the past, beauty and body care was more of a beauty salon, which is a relatively high consumption with money and leisure. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the enlargement of bathroom space, there is enough space to meet people's needs for beauty and body care. Therefore, it used to take time to go to beauty salons for beauty treatments. , beauty steamer and other products, you can do beauty at home, and the familyization of beauty and body also promotes the development of the market for related products. In addition, traditional products are also paying attention to this change and cooperate with other products to meet this demand of consumers. For example, the water heater is used with the water softener, and the instant electric water heater adds a noodle steamer as an additional product.

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