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The maintenance of the precious stone, carefully

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-13
Little imagine, because the system is different from natural solid surface sheets, jade class acrylic countertops still be classified as a kind of relatively scarce stone types. Precious jade acrylic countertops, of course, must be careful maintenance. The jade kind of stone material maintenance, what method? Oriental white stone factory shunyuan solid surface sheets development tell you. 1, apply glue to use transparent tape jade gap to fill, cannot use traditional dry hanging plastic, will work with transparent adhesive tape to fill. Because the administrative jade crystal clear, there is a different from the general acrylic countertops full transparency, hanging from a dry glue to fill after solidification is more outstanding, harm to the overall effect. 2, jade grinding method of artificial diamond grinding, reasonable improve the cutting effect of jade. And carbon carbon composite material of grinding, because of insufficient strength, on the jade grinding effect will not very ideal. In addition, the jade high intensity, symmetry and detailed construction. When grinding if jump, very prone to scratches, and grinding will not receive the after the event. So, can not jump. General since 50 #, actual operation when symmetry of detail, grinding to 3000 #, jade itself can show very good smoothness. 3, fine polishing jade? Mentioned in front, the jade is natural marble of nature again and again of mould material. Therefore, the physical properties of jade is very smooth, not easy to change. If used crystals technical, hydrochloric acid, fluosilicate acid such as basic raw materials, not only on the jade effect is limited, but will continue to crevice corrosion wear out basic smoothness.
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