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The marble floor how clean to make its use for a long time?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-20
With the rapid development of the country to make our life become more rich and colorful, the use of all kinds of product material also makes our life become more with quality, for many families when floor laid will choose marble as ground material, so when marble cleaning are we to do? Listen to how baoxing shunyuan said. floor clean? 1. Use soft cloth (daily marble cleaning: Baoxing jade acrylic countertops manufacturers recommend ultra-fine fiber) And warm, and distilled water to clean the marble mesa, then dry the surface with a cloth. is easy to appear water spot, so it need to let it dry. 2. Clean marble floor: dust with microfiber mop mop the floor or soft jue. Remember to avoid the vinegar acid cleaner, etc. In order to keep the beautiful appearance of the marble floors, care should include mop the floor every week, pay attention to dry after cleaning. Dry the purpose is to restore the natural marble surface luster. It also helps to avoid water damage. 3. Wet mop mop and good used separately, and don't use elsewhere. 4. Prevent dust from entering the sand gravel layer, they will scratch and damage the floor. 5. If serious cement ash, can ask professional company, with cleaning machine wash after water absorption machine blot, very clean. 6. Don't use vinegar, chemical cleaners, or wax on the acrylic countertops floor. Don't know if everyone looked after. floor is very delicate, so we in the course of everyday use must know well to caress, otherwise the marble can no longer use it soon.
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