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The old renovation of the bathroom should not be sloppy to the construction-bathroom, selection, construction

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-10

1. The shape of the water can be selected towards the favorite style. In addition, it can be divided into (pre-embedded) or (table top). Before construction, you must first think about the style and communicate with the designer. This decision will affect the future construction sequence. 2. Does the toilet need to be moved? The editor of Shenyang Decoration Network reminds that you must first understand that the diameter of the toilet is relatively large. If you want to move, the bathroom floor needs to be raised by about 15 cm; in addition, if there is an exhaust fan on the ceiling, the ceiling will also be lowered by about 25 cm, so you must first To measure, is the height of the bathroom space suitable? Will it be too oppressive? Then decide whether to move the toilet. 3. Tiles make you dazzled, how to choose? Generally speaking, the bathroom is only a small space, so you can give priority to the brightness and magnification effect, and choose tiles with high brightness, which can make the space feel bright and comfortable; if you have children, you can choose tiles, lively cartoon tiles, Make the bathroom interesting too. If you want to have the effect of enlarging the space, you can use mirrors locally, with tiles and lighting, to have a magnifying effect. 4. What should be paid attention to in the construction part? The bathroom pays more attention to waterproofing and drainage. It needs to have waterproof performance from the floor to the ceiling. It is recommended to have at least 2-3 layers of protection for waterproofing. For drainage, pay attention to whether the slope of the drainage is sufficient. In addition, if there is a bathtub, it is recommended to leave two drainage holes. One is that the bathtub flows directly to the drain pipe, and the floor should also have drainage, so that the water will not become damp and moldy.

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