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The origin of the name of white marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-16
The origin of the name of the white marble, white solid surface sheets have been people often ask what was the name of, usually have myanmar jade jade, jade in Afghanistan. These according to the name is very good understanding, is refers to the jade produced in some countries. Is it can also be classified by origin to white marble? Because of the white marble began by using very ancient years. We also can't prove that specific when to use, when rise. Now many scholars believe that the name of white marble is less a number of the family. 'Han' refers to the han Chinese since ancient times, white jade from the han nationality regions called the white marble. In fact this is common of industry recognition. Because has been in the production of jade two more famous, is a kind of xinjiang hetian jade, this is also a place name, another is white marble. Because in the production of this kind of jade area has a lot of, than people have sichuan, hubei has, Taiwan as well. Also has, of course, there are some other areas, but the three regions is raw white marble acrylic countertops more production. Han instead, convenient for the regional general memory difference. There's a tradition of this kind of jade rise in han dynasty, the han dynasty when using very common, widely used area. , such as white marble statue, railings, rock walls, etc. , using a very wide range. This white jade made the product look very noble, pure white and flawless, noble in building engineering construction it replaced once marble, so is the offspring of the people to use this kind of material was called the white jade of han dynasty, slowly development called the white solid surface sheets. This explanation is also a set of reasonable. Because in the excavation of the archaeologists dug many of han dynasty made of white marble. A third theory is that there was a kind of jade is produced in the water bed, jade, people call it water behind this kind of the jade unearthed in the mountain, so called dry white jade. After the surface is called the white solid surface sheets. Of course that is only one kind of folk. Don't have much according to textual research. The first argument is the most worth trusted. The second statement also has a pretty big reason. So both have certain relevance. Does not conflict, so people will default to the two arguments.
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