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The protection of the jade common sense

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-13
What jade is the protection of common sense? Baoxing jade acrylic countertops factory shunyuan solid surface sheets development tell you. 1, prevent and lumps. The strength of the jadeite jade is high, but the impact is very easy to crack, after sometimes despite of choose and employ persons to see not to come out, in the surface of the formula has been destroyed, with dark rift, which will greatly harm degree of perfection and economic value. 2, as far as possible to prevent the dust. Jade at ordinary times if there is dust, should be with a soft brush to clean up; If there are stains or oil stains, such as jade attached to the surface, with soap liquid cleaning of temperature, light, and then rinse with water, do not apply cut grease agent liquid organic chemistry. If long-term for eliminating dust, because jade manual very fine carving, you need to consult the manufacturing technology of jade professional processing factory, and bypass, with professional ultrasonic cleaning and cleaning maintenance. 3, she is hanged when you don't need to put this. The best in a jewelry bag or jewelry box, in case chafed or clash. If it is a high-end jade jewelry, more not placed on the banking services, free of dust, harm through shades. 4, to minimize and weak perfume, chemical liquid, soap and body sweat touching. Everyone knows that sweat contains salt, volatile matter, such as oleic acid and urea solution jade touched too much sweat, do not immediately wipe clean again, after wearing will suffer corrosion, the surface damage, the bright degree of harm. Especially 'sandwich glass' jade jade, hetian jade suet, more avoid is sweat and vegetable oils. Suet Bai Yure touch too much sweat is very easy to become yellow, already not pure white, such as fat. 5, prevent long-term sun exposure. Jade jade to prevent the exposure of the sun, because of thermal expansion, the molecular structure of volume expansion, will damage the quality of the jade. Especially the jade lotus, amethyst, agate stones such as suffering from high fever will produce cleft, more avoid is close to the pyrogen. 6, she hangs with a clean, soft white towel to wipe, not suitable for application of dyeing cloth, chemical fiber fabrics. With naked drill, blue smoky, natural emerald crystal jade jewelry, such as only appropriate USES clean white towel to wipe brush, vegetable fat, dust, residue, body moisture or sweat, it is good for maintenance and keep its elements. 7, jade to maintain suitable temperature. The jade to rely on certain environment humidity to maintain, especially water bile agate, crystal, jade. Water bile agate in produce stage, there is a natural mineral water, if the surrounding environment is not to maintain a certain humidity, very dry mania, and natural mineral water is very volatile, thus losing its personal collection of plastic arts and economic value.
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