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The role of Suizhou white hemp heat

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-18
1. The function of kkr solid surface white hemp heat energy: The Stone expands due to heat during the day and shrinks due to cold at night, resulting in thermal expansion and contraction, and the stone contains many different minerals with different expansion coefficients, granular denudation or massive disintegration occurs. 2. Freezing and thawing of water can also cause Stone weathering: the temperature drops below 00C, and the water forms ice, causing the stone to expand rapidly after absorbing water, causing the stone to disintegrate and break. 3. The role of lower plants: under the conditions of water and temperature, the sporangium of organic substances such as moss and mold is attached to the surface of the stone and begins to grow, all kinds of organic spots are formed on the surface of the stone. In order to survive, these organic substances fight against carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and other substances in the air and change the surface texture structure of the stone. In addition, these plants form organic acids with water after death to accelerate the aging of stone, causing denudation of stone. 4. Ultraviolet radiation: kkr solid surface white hemp stone itself has many capillary pores, and the smaller the capillary, the more obvious the capillary phenomenon. Therefore, after the stone absorbs water, in the Sun (UV) Under the radiation, the evaporation rate of water in the capillary pores of the stone will be accelerated, and the erosion rate of the material with erosion to the stone in the water will also be intensified, thus causing the aging of the stone. 5. Sticking and cracking: gluing is one of the stone installation methods. The glue left on the stone surface relaxes the cemented minerals of the bonded stone due to the aging effect, which relaxes the interior of kkr solid surface white hemp stone, the surface is easy to peel off, thus accelerating the aging of stone. kkr solid surface white hemp performance (1) It has good decorative performance and can be used for public places and outdoor decoration. (2) It has excellent processing performance: Sawing, cutting, polishing, drilling, engraving, etc. Its machining accuracy can reach 0. Below 5μm, the brightness is above 1600. (3)Good wear resistance, 5-higher than cast iron-10 times. (4) The coefficient of thermal expansion is small, it is not easy to deform, it is similar to indium steel, and it is slightly affected by temperature. (5)The elastic modulus is higher than that of cast iron. (6) Good rigidity, large internal damping coefficient, 15 times larger than steel. It can be shockproof and shock-absorbing. (7) kkr solid surface Golden hemp is brittle and only falls off locally after damage, which does not affect the overall straightness. (8) kkr solid surface Golden hemp has stable chemical properties, is not easy to weather, can resist the erosion of acid, alkali and corrosive gases, has Chemical properties proportional to the content of silica, and has a service life of about 200 years. (9) kkr solid surface gold hemp is non-conductive, non-conductive and stable in field. Generally, granite is divided into three different categories: fine Chinese Black: The average diameter of feldspar crystal is 1/16 ~ 1/8 inch. Medium Grain Chinese Black: The average diameter of feldspar crystal is about 4 inch. Coarse Chinese Black: feldspar crystals have an average diameter of about 2 inch and larger crystals, some even reaching several centimeters. The density of coarse Chinese black is relatively low.
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