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The source of the white marble is introduced and its main use

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-15
White marble mainly refers to the marble, white marble, south is the place of origin is located at Beijing fangshan district township village of stone pit, perfect white, it is also used for carving of Buddha, such as the west from the ancient Greek period with the colour of white marble carved material as the fairy. In ancient times, people in the palace in this stone making stone stairs and guardrails, etc. It is the main component of calcium carbonate, it is a compound, chemical formula CaCO3, mainly composed of CaCO3 and MgCO3 and SiO2, also contains a small amount of Al2O3, Fe2O3, etc. In 1988 national building stone material quality inspection center, China stone association voted 83 kinds of new stone material, well high-chuang white marble was named M1101, said 'China's no. 1 '. Color is pure white fine marble, qualitative hard, is the finest architecture and sculpture material. Basically it is not soluble in water. It can exist in the following forms: calcite and aragonite, chalk, limestone, marble and travertine. Can be found in the rocks. Animal back shell and the main ingredients of the snail's house. At the same time, it is still important building material. At present, the domestic white marble has many varieties, as well as the white marble, henan, sichuan white jade, but only the fang shan magmatic rock of white marble is the real white solid surface sheets stone. After one thousand years of mining, the well has little white marble stone of reserves. Made of white marble out of all kinds of carving handicraft, the price is expensive in people's heart, taste is elegant, is regarded as national treasure. So specific what? Some people think of white marble, white marble white stone is, in fact wrong, is the mistake of white marble, with individual suppliers to seize the customer to white marble stone don't understand the psychological, tap on the money, shoddy, deceive consumers, have more very person doesn't understand what is a white marble, didn't buy a white marble, fight for the price in the market, with a white stone as marble, also in the market, the Internet hype, the sham as the genuine, infringement of white marble, make a purchase of white marble of customers falling into a trap of criminals. Excellent carved white marble stone, texture meticulous and hardness of the high-energy good work and according to the construction materials, can not weathering for thousands of years and time expected, the ordinary white marble is different, the weathering fixed number of year earlier, the long decades, short of a few years, some even the weathering, and the stone line of just a few years there are layers of rock cracking phenomenon. Especially ordinary white stone produced in many places, the quality is different, make the finished product, after more inconvenience to identify its the stand or fall of material. What kind of stone can be called the real white marble? What is the main purpose of the white marble? White marble perfect white, also used for carving of Buddha and so on, from the time of ancient Greece, western since ancient China as a portrait with white marble carving materials. In the palace in this stone making stone stairs and guardrails, the so-called 'jade bar' zhu, luxuriant jade, so called white marble. In front of tiananmen huabiao, jinshui bridge, the palace palace base, stone steps, the fence is made of white marble. White marble is China's ancient royal architecture, sculpture, use of the precious acrylic countertops, the imperial palace, the temple of heaven, tiananmen jinshui bridge and other classical architecture has extensive use. The monument to the people's heroes, great hall of the people, chairman MAO memorial hall and so on contemporary national engineering, also have a wide range of applications. They are used by the white solid surface sheets, especially Beijing fang shan magmatic rock quarry nest town high-chuang village west of the produce of a stone. In 1998, the national building stone quality monitoring center, China stone association named 83 kinds of new stone material, well high-chuang white marble was named 1101, called 'China's no. 1'. Domestic white marble has many varieties, as well as the white marble, henan, sichuan white jade, but only well white marble is the real white marble stone nest. White marble is a kind of valuable construction materials, it is pure white and flawless, with shining crystal, crystal clear, quality of a material is solid and delicate, easy to sculpture, through the ages are valuable building materials, in one thousand to the palace palace courtyard carved stone of choice. Pure white marble white color and elegant, full of expensive gas, with unique glamour touched a nerve of the world, is quite popular with people. Main purpose: within 1, 200 mesh can be used for all kinds of feed additive calcium content in the 55. More than 6 without harmful ingredients; 2, 250 mesh to 300 mesh, used for plastics, rubber factory, paint factory, the factory of the raw materials and external painting. White degree above 85 degrees; 3, 350 mesh to 400 mesh: used in the manufacture of gusset plate, water pipe, chemical industry. White degree above 93 degrees; 4, 400 mesh to 600 mesh: paste can be used in toothpaste, soap. White degree above 94 degrees; 5, 800 mesh: used in rubber, plastic, cable, PVC white degree above 94 degrees; 6, 1250 mesh, PVC, PE, paint, coating products, paper coating, paper surface coating, white degree above 95 degrees. High purity, high whiteness, non-toxic, odourless, low oil, low hardness; 7, calcium carbonate as a calcium supplement, is one of the calcium content in the highest, the absorption rate can reach 39%, soluble in acid, has become the most dosage forms, the most used calcium supplement; 8, calcium carbonate, as the alkali are often used to improve acidic soil.
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