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The stone market in kakino gold

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-25
In the stone market, it is not difficult for us to find that everyone is asking about kkr solid surface. Why do so many people like red stone? Kakino gold stone factory will give you a brief introduction, hoping to help you.

kakino Gold Stone is one of the hardest materials and has very strong scratch resistance. The scratch resistance is a very important factor to be considered in the selection of kitchen decoration materials. Many people think that the granite table panel needs to be sealed, in order to maintain the user's inner peace and play another additional protection, the fact is the opposite. Most Granite does not fade under sunlight, while other synthetic material panels fade easily under sunlight. When the red stone table panel is accidentally stained or worn, it can usually return to its original appearance and use. Other materials do not necessarily achieve this effect.

Finally, no matter indoors or outdoors, kkr solid surface is a universal material, which is most suitable for the newly popular outdoor kitchen. Now that we have a better understanding of granite, it is no longer difficult to choose kakino gold stone.

The processing flow of stone materials, 1. Raw materials, which are made of wool and have certain specifications, are used to process Stone of facing plates, solid surface sheet suppliers. Second, the big cut is to cut the raw material into the approximate size of the plate required by the customer. The cutter head is made of gold steel sand. The thickness of the blade is the same, about 7- 8mm, the largest blade is 60 cm and the smallest is. The finished product after the big cut is a plate that is sawed from the raw material, also called the Wool Board. However, when the waste material is cut, it is found that the quality of the wool board is not very good. It is necessary to brush a layer of resin glue on the surface of the Wool Board to repair the small holes and small cracks on the Wool Board. If the weather is good, resin glue will dry in only half an hour. If the weather is bad, it will take 1- 2 hours, after the resin glue is dry, it can be ground. ( Note, the stone is good or bad, it needs to be known after the big cut. )
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