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The stone material of white marble railings

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-15
Everybody is used in everyday life with column board style of different modelling to, in turn, to distinguish between sichuan category on the basis of white marble railings, China building types in the rail is divided into: look for rod stone railings, everyone or mord railing, sichuan white marble railings the armrest of the upper die set as mord. Common sichuan white marble railings into transparent bottles column plate and beam column board, especially in the transparent bottle tailgate. Bottom-up by fang, net bottle and rod ( Mord) Three parts. Usually carve on surface fang markings to act the role ofing, so called China plate. Fang above is net bottle, general sculpted for the net or net bottle bottles of lotus leaf cloud the son, and also some carved for flower peony, Po phase, etc. Find the rod on the drum line, generally not too much of carving processing. Blue plate white solid surface sheets railings, as long as hope between column and column column board, rather than having to find staff, Aquarius, tailgate some optical element, some valuable. such handiwork, relief for the word water, acrylic countertops carving the mythical wild animal, the volume grass grain, the plum flower, landscape, stone carving kylin, fairy tales, etc. White marble railings of the pillar type, only the railings at column and column, column board, give you a feeling of concise and easy. Sichuan white marble railings of the ocean's rail, the fact as long as it is the rail without looking at the column acrylic countertops railings, find the rod is better than the white marble railings railings richly, but much more simple but elegant. Both ends of the rail is often used in Bridges, and multi-purpose drum stones. Seat rail, in the garden, in the mountains, temple commonly used article feldspar on pillars of stone on the chopping block or short side, as a short rail, visitors can sit and rest and spare jams, this part of the rail is shortage in the garden. Sichuan white marble railings in the wood and the railing, rare a rail. column, wood rod, is lightsome and exquisite materials and less action within the garden good work and suitable for the botanical garden scenic spot environment transition.
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