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The third China ( Congratulation state) Dali stone exhibition of calcium carbonate

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-10
By the China stone association, China association of non-metallic mineral industry and the world held the third China ( Congratulation state) Calcium carbonate stone exhibition will kick off in September 16. The world market, is the world's longevity is a capital of calcium carbonate and derived in our country, is also China's white marble production base, congratulation state owns the country solid surface sheets for sale stone 12. 5% of the reserves, is rich in resources. By the China stone association, China association of non-metallic mineral industry and the world held the third China ( Congratulation state) Dali stone exhibition of calcium carbonate will kick off in September 16. It is reported, and the previous China ( Congratulation state) Stone exhibition of calcium carbonate, starting from the exhibition, the pavilion will be permanently settled in the region, the content of the exhibition and industrial development depth image fusion, interaction and mutual promotion. To this end, calcium carbonate producers flat guangxi hezhou in congratulation state stone area ( High calcium carbonate industry demonstration base one hundred billion yuan wang zhen industrial zone is located) China association of south-east Asian nations (asean) - Congratulation state stone calcium carbonate products exhibition center. The project total investment is 5. 500 million yuan, covers an area of 180 mu, the exhibition hall area of 2. 70000 square meters. In addition, hezhou will cooperate with domestic famous electric business platform, online - Offline - Online, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence technology as the means, will be the congratulation state stone calcium carbonate combined the virtual exhibition exhibition + entity, industrial Internet gene and realistic significance to the stone material of calcium carbonate industry exposition. Calcium carbonate at the same time, congratulation state stone products exhibition center in the future products exhibition and trade, taking daily online virtual events and regular entity combined mode of operation, the exhibition virtual events and entities pay equal attention to the exhibition, exhibition elements combined with offline entities, real-time display and trade, product display, technology research, industry promotion, trade exhibition, investment promotion and capital introduction, and other functions, is the construction of congratulation state operations center of stone material calcium carbonate industry area. Congratulation state is located in the three provinces of guangdong and hunan guangxi ( Area) Interchange, is a large bay area of guangdong 'back garden', is China's 'of coarse whiting' of 'derived', or 'world city' longevity. The city has a unique mineral resources, has proven the marble, granite, black metal, rare metal deposits in more than 60 species, especially the marble preliminary proven reserves of 2. 6 billion cubic meters, accounting for about 1/8 of the marble resources throughout the country, is the biggest producer of white solid surface sheets for sale resources in south China. In recent years, congratulation state rely on calcium carbonate resources advantages, vigorously develop calcium carbonate industry $one hundred billion. Currently, hezhou of heavy calcium carbonate powder 8. 5 million tons above, accounted for 35% of national output, build ecological hillock 52 stone production lines, annual output of more than 6000 square meters, are derived has become the country's largest coarse whiting powder and ecological production base are derived. Earlier, the China stone association, China association of non-metallic mineral industry and across industry association, with the support from the experts and scholars and entrepreneurs, congratulation state in June 2015, were held in September 2017 the first and the second China ( Congratulation state) Calcium carbonate stone exhibition. At the same time, in 2016, 2018 in congratulation state also held the China association of stone artificial stone industry technology innovation and development BBS BBS non-metallic mineral industry association and China calcium carbonate industry development, industry renowned experts, scholars and enterprises on behalf of the calcium carbonate for stone industry development, technology innovation and application of new results is discussed. the communication, etc. Exhibition and BBS held successfully, to promote the congratulation state and even the entire stone material calcium carbonate industry innovation and development, green development, realize the transformation and upgrading, win-win cooperation, has played a positive role. 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