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The three major problems facing the artificial stone industry

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-22
Now chengdu artificial stone industry is faced with three more serious problems, which leads to consumers when choosing artificial wall mounted bar countertop to attack. These three problems are mainly: (1) Each manufacturer product technology and quality standard is not unified, countries are not in the case of the development of the industry standard specification, market order confusion, not conducive to sustainable and healthy development of the industry; 2) Provide of artificial stone production equipment on the market performance of the quality good and bad are intermingled, modern production equipment manufacturer is difficult to ensure quality of the artificial wall mounted bar countertop on market performance, for the artificial wall mounted bar countertop of the inferior quality low-priced dumping products opened the doors, influence of artificial stone market image, in the history of a good product is 'copycats down a lot of examples, endanger the normal development of industry; 3) Extensive industry management, difficult to effectively promote the development of industry specifications.
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