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The variety of natural stone material classification

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-26
Natural stone material is mined from natural rock mass in the stone, natural stone material belongs to the non-renewable resources, with stone decoration and various aspects demand, natural stone material according to the generating and derivative of many kinds of factors, use building materials of stone on the market at present basically has the following three; Sandstone, marble, solid surface. 1 sandstone sandstone is a kind of use flowers long stone, sandstone is a sedimentary rock, sandstone consists of quartz grain formation, stable structure, rock is relatively coarse loose, but due to the rough texture, has a unique sag is relatively close to the mountains, bold and the feeling of nature, therefore, are often used in wall decoration. Sandstone is mainly european-style exterior wall decoration, is subject to any foreign love. 2 marble marble belongs to a kind of metamorphic rock, is mainly composed of calcite with YunBaiShi, main component is calcium carbonate, the original is the bottom of the sea of lime mud deposition, crystallization and slowly become limestone; The strata of the vibration by high pressure and high temperature changes, the most notable is the crystals grow harden, formed the so-called the marble. hardness, such as natural texture, can be processed for many times, more suitable for interior decoration, has a long service life and surface play ground surface as a mirror, decorative effect have had feeling, high-end atmosphere on schedule. 3 granite, granite is an igneous magmatic rocks, rock, sandstone is due to surface weathering, move slowly to the bottom of the sea deep groove, again and again of the earth's crust move, slowly to swallow them to the center of the earth again and be ultra high temperature melting. Because of magma density is lower than the surrounding rock, so it is boosting up gradually, has formed the new 3 - after cooling D crystals ( Igneous rock) 。 Also because is 3 - D crystals, so the grain is small, decorative pattern have the feeling of stereo and crystallization, and even some granite under the light, will send out a flashing dazzling luster. The main component of solid surface for quartz, mica, feldspar, etc. , has high hardness, texture consistent, more used for exterior wall decoration, outdoor floor, long service life, high oxidation resistance, hardness is higher than the marble. Which can be concluded that the Chinese decorative stone generally use marble and solid surface, sandstone is mainly used for ou shi to decorate, and marble used for interior decoration, granite used for outdoor decoration, of course, there is a kind of artificial solid surface sheets for sale marble market flow is more, artificial stone hardness is higher than the marble, stone material surface pattern can be diversified characteristics.
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