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The wave whale toilet is often blocked. The businessman said: Is it improper use? -Wave whale, toilet, plug

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-26

Ms. Gu reported: In May 2010, I purchased two toilets in a large furniture plaza Langjing Sanitary Ware Store in Gudun Road, Xihu District. One of the toilets was often blocked during use. In May this year, I contacted the merchant. Complaints, but the merchants ignore them, please coordinate with the relevant departments. In May 2010, Ms. Gu saw a toilet in the Langjing Sanitary Ware Store in the large furniture square on Gudun Road. The merchant said that the original price was more than 2,000 yuan each. At that time, the event could be discounted to more than 900 yuan. Ms. Gu felt that it was relatively Good deal, bought two. After the installation, Ms. Gu found that one of the toilets was often blocked during use. She thought it was an occasional situation. Some time ago, the toilet was blocked again. After three days of blockage, Ms. Gu couldn't bear it anymore, so she contacted the dealer for repair. At the time of purchase, the merchant promised that the product is guaranteed for 5 years and repaired for life, but after listening to Ms. Gu's report, the staff said that it was caused by Ms. Gu's improper use, not the quality of the toilet, and the maintenance was also Could not solve the problem. Ms. Gu disagreed: What else is wrong with using the toilet? Just flush the water after use, who doesn't use it like this? I used to use toilets of other brands, and there was no such frequent blockage, and their after-sales service was very good, and they would send someone to come within 24 hours of repairing. Ms. Gu believes that the merchant Langjing Sanitary Ware rushes to deny that there is any problem with the product without even taking a look. This kind of service attitude is also unqualified. A supervisor of the after-sales service department gave Ms. Gu the contact information of Ningbo headquarters and asked her to report there. However, Ms. Gu felt that when she purchased and used the Langjing toilet in Hangzhou, the local merchants in Hangzhou could not solve the after-sales service problem for herself, and it was pointless to contact other departments, so she did not accept the supervisor's suggestion. The reporter contacted Mr. Lu, the head of the after-sales service department. He still said that the toilet blockage is a very common situation and cannot be blamed on the quality of the product. Ms. Gu also admitted that the toilet is well drained, and there is no problem when it is not blocked. The design under the toilet is an S-shaped curve. If the thing that is flushed down is too hard and too large, it will inevitably be blocked. Mr. Lu believes that if it is a natural blockage, even if they send maintenance personnel, there is no way to solve the problem. At this time, Ms. Gu needs more pipeline workers than their maintenance personnel. In this case, it is not actually covered by the warranty, because it is not considered maintenance at all and cannot be repaired. If it is said that the cover plate is broken or other quality problems, we will definitely replace and repair it immediately. Mr. Lu said that there are one or two consumers who have purchased the same type of toilet to reflect similar problems. After they explain it, the other party understands. In his opinion, Ms. Gu's situation should be no different from theirs. Later, he said that he would visit Ms. Gu to check on this Saturday. Ms. Gu accepted.

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