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this $1 million hobbit home lets you live your \'lord of the rings\' luxury dreams

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-27
\"There lived a hobbit in a hole in the ground.
Not a dirty, damp hole filled with the end of the worm and the smell of oozing, nor a dry, bare hole, Sandy Hall has nothing to sit down and eat: this is a Hobbit --
This means comfort.
\"Now the Hobbit, in a hole in the ground, will live a millionaire.
In the picturesque English village of Homewood Firth, in an acre of rolling hills, an Earth
Asylum homes cost less than $1 million. The 4,000-square-
The foot of the residence reminds people from J. R. R.
Tolkien\'s 1937 books are considered the mansion of Shire.
The original British architect Arthur qumbi named the house \"down the hill\" when he built it for his family 41 years ago \".
Appropriately, \"Underhill\" is also Frodo bagkins, a pseudonym disguised as her own. The four-
The bedroom house, though seemingly underground, still offers 360
Due to its wide sliding doors included, panoramic views around the countryside.
The fact that the house is enclosed on the mountain does not limit the natural light flowing in from many skylights.
In front, a parcel
There is a double garage around the driveway and a spacious parking lot enough to accommodate at least six cars.
The garage also has a family work room with a large storage area.
Behind is a closed paddock with neatly trimmed rose gardens and beautiful landscaped lawns.
Although the interior is more modern than the middle
The Earth, the decoration still attracts some medieval inspiration, with natural stones on the walls. Most Hobbit
Like a touch is a stone arched Cave-a cone-shaped room full of stone details, a rustic mud coal fire that stays comfortable in the cold British winter.
The cave leads to the dining area next to the breakfast kitchen.
Family entertainment area in Family Center: heated pool with spa-
Like a spacious lounge seat.
The same natural stones on the walls also gracefully arched over the surface of the original swimming pool.
For a house carved into a hill, the ceiling is 20 feet high with a brilliant round sun on it.
In two corners of the pool, the shower is full of clothes
Tile wall and base wash basin.
A bathroom is equipped with a bidet and a heated towel rack.
Of the four bedrooms, the children\'s accommodation has two bedrooms, both overlooking the garden in front and bathed in natural sunlight from the roof lights above.
The humble house is of course a family --
It features a music room and a playroom.
The 12 sliding doors illuminate more natural light for the music room, while the sliding doors of the playroom provide access to the delightful side patio.
In the main suite, a suite study with eight sliding doors leads to a staggered seating area.
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