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Three flawless solutions for defective bathrooms-Defective bathrooms, perfect solutions

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-03

Although people's pursuit of high-quality bathroom life is the same, the pattern of each bathroom is different. The ever-changing bathroom space has problems of one kind or another. How can we overcome various pattern defects and achieve not only integrated hygiene and bathing functions, but also the requirements of beauty, comfort and easy cleaning? 1. One-line or L-shaped bathroom The narrow space makes people feel depressing. In the process of creating a one-line or L-shaped bathroom, the area should be divided reasonably. It is more appropriate to take the narrow wall as the design core and avoid setting too many sanitary ware or furniture on the wider wall. Layout difficulties: The narrow space greatly reduces the utilization rate of the wall, and there is not enough room for activities. Solution: Divide the space into parts and divide it into dry and wet areas with both ends of the room as the core Method 1: Make the walls of the shower area reinforced waterproof treatment during decoration, and use the small space at one end of the bathroom to form a unique shower There is no need to buy a shower room separately, as long as you simply set up shower facilities such as showerheads. Method 2: Set up a toilet area at one end of the bathroom. You need bathroom furniture of the right size. You can choose a bathroom furniture brand with customized services. Toilets and body washes should be as compact as possible, and the tankless design is ideal for this pattern. Second, the square bathroom The square bedroom is easy to design and arrange, but for the bathroom, the too square pattern will only cause a waste of space. This is mainly because most sanitary ware must stand against the wall, and the central space is difficult to use. On the premise of not affecting the activity space, we should try to make the bathroom more compact. Arrangement difficulties: insufficient wall area and too large space in the middle Solution: Add a false wall Method 1: Use the false wall to hide the sanitary area to ensure the privacy of this area; the bathtub is relatively independent under the action of the false wall, making the bathroom functionality is enhanced. Method 2: The design of using a false wall to separate the toilet area not only conforms to the general aesthetic criteria, but also makes full use of the remaining space in the middle of the bathroom, which is a good way to kill multiple birds with one stone. 3. Ultra-small bathroom In many old-fashioned layouts, the area of u200bu200bthe bathroom is very small, and it is difficult to meet the needs of modern bathroom life no matter how carefully you arrange it, so expanding the bathroom is a more direct way to solve this problem. Whether it is to borrow the space of the bedroom or the living room, as long as the planning is reasonable, the functions of each room will be fully reflected. Difficulties in layout: space is limited, cleaning volume is not easy to reduce, and the upper and lower water pipes are not easy to change. Solution: Borrowing the space of other bedrooms Make full use of the advantages of integrated sanitary ware, choose the overall multi-functional shower room, and place it in the bedroom, etc., you can greatly save the limited bathroom space. This kind of design does not need to make a waterproof layer at the place where it is placed. It is not only economical and convenient, but also the beautiful shower room will add more fun to life.

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