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Three standards to create a golden bathroom life-three standards, bathroom life

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-03

With the development of economy and culture, material prosperity, living standards and consumer demand, people's aesthetic value and requirements for home life have also increased a lot. In terms of bathrooms, people's requirements have changed from functional, practical, cost-effective. Gao gradually expanded the scope, and put forward additional requirements such as fashion and beauty, generous leisure, etc. So, how to choose a more stylish, fashionable, more casual, more elegant, more high-grade bathroom brand, it is necessary to understand the three core standards of bathroom brand selection, so as to create a taste, comfort, exquisite, elegant, fashionable gold quality of life. 1. Brand standards When buying sanitary ware, it is natural to prefer brands with higher brand awareness, such as sanitary ware brands, certifications, Chinese brand products, etc., and those with higher brand activity. These brands are more guaranteed in product quality and more attentive in service. Specifically, which brand standards to look at, our core is to look at the following points, one is the professional technical evaluation and certification obtained by the enterprise, the second is the honor in terms of industry status, and the third is the evaluation of public opinion. Taking the award-winning sanitary ware as an example, it has successively won the honorary titles of National Quality Integrity Demonstration Enterprise, National Quality Consumer Trustworthy Product, China Green Environmental Protection Product, China Famous Product, China Engineering Sanitary Ware Brand, China Sanitary Ware Brand and other honorary titles, and has been recommended by national construction projects. In 2009, it was selected as a famous brand in China, and became the winner of the 6th China Ceramics Award Design Grand Prix held by the China Ceramic Industry Association. Sanitary ceramic products, such brand standards are quite high. 2. The Gold Standard What is the Gold Standard? Relevant people believe that water-saving performance, environmentally friendly materials, beautiful appearance design, various styles to choose from, high visual effects, perfect and thoughtful product services, etc., are all indispensable components of the gold standard. This gold standard was proposed by the award-winning sanitary ware at the beginning of the year, and it stemmed from the brand appeal of the award-winning technology, award-winning products, award-winning design, award-winning service, etc. and the brand proposition of tasting the golden life. For example, in terms of design, the award-winning bathroom designers pay attention to relaxation and leisure on the basis of aesthetics, practicality and performance. The natural atmosphere is everywhere, with a warm and leisurely temperament, and it interprets the bathing philosophy contained in the luxury bathroom, and enjoys a quiet and peaceful space; lines, white space, and simple style have few sporadic decorations, making it a city of fast-paced life People prefer design style. 3. Word-of-mouth standard The word-of-mouth of sanitary ware brands is very important, mainly based on previous consumer evaluations, such as online evaluations, evaluations from surrounding acquaintances, etc. Some brands are well-known, but their reputation is not good, and a large amount of budget is invested in promotion. In terms of technological innovation and product quality, it has not done well, and consumer complaints often occur. During the use of the product, there will be more or less problems. The aging of the parts and the accidental damage during use will bring inconvenience to the user. At the same time, it has a great relationship with the installation process and use. Bathroom products are prone to phenomena such as countertop discoloration, breakage, door hinge detachment, etc. If there is no good after-sales guarantee, the protection of consumers' rights and interests can be described as empty talk, and only users who have purchased the brand's products can know the real service situation. Therefore, when purchasing a bathroom brand, word of mouth is one of the three core criteria.

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