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Three types of floor drains for three spaces-bathroom space, floor drain

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-12

1. The bathroom assistant T-type three-proof floor drain is the protagonist The three-proof floor drain is one of the more advanced waterproof and anti-pumping floor drains. This kind of floor drain installs a small floating ball at the lower drain pipe of the floor drain, and uses the water pressure and air pressure of the sewer pipe to withstand the small ball, so as to achieve the functions of waterproof, insect-proof and odor-proof. It is generally suitable for bathrooms that need to go to the water frequently. 2. Kitchen good helper magnet type self-sealing floor drain Magnet floor drain is a kind of self-sealing floor drain, which uses gravity and magnetism to control the floor drain switch to achieve the purpose of drainage. This floor drain has the characteristics of fast water flow. The magnet floor drain is a common deodorant floor drain on the market today, which is sealed by magnetically attracting the gasket with two magnets. The floor drain opens when there is water, and closes when there is no water. The magnet floor drain is suitable for use in the kitchen, but cannot be installed in the bathroom because the magnet is easy to absorb various impurities and is easily entangled by hair. Three: The small housekeeper on the balcony also sees the deep water sealing floor drain. The deep water sealing floor drain is a modification of the traditional water sealing floor drain. The deodorant device on the ground is inserted into the sewer pipe to prolong the evaporation time due to the water sealing and improve the deodorizing ability of the water sealing. It ensures the smooth drainage, and at the same time solves the contradiction between the height of the water seal and the height of the ground. The deep water sealing floor drain has a good deodorant function, but due to the slow water removal, it is generally suitable for balconies with low water removal requirements.

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