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tmi systems remains a strong institution: amid a tough market this leading laminate casework supplier to schools and hospitals stays competitive with fully integrated software and increased production.

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-12
Despite the tough market, TMI Systems Design
Dickinson, ND, holds his own.
The company claims to be the country\'s largest institutional case-work manufacturer.
TMI is located in a rural town of Bismarck, an hour and a half, with a population of 16,500.
It ranks first in the industry at $40.
Sales last year were 2 million.
Most of TMI\'s business is laminated cases, followed by countertops and building wood products.
The statue of TMI works hard and increases productivity with a fully integrated investment in software and equipment.
Dennis Johnson, CEO of TMI, acknowledged the challenges facing the company.
\"The sales of schools are high,\" said Johnson, who also served as mayor of Dickinson.
\"We have been through a year or so and we don\'t have that much work to do.
\"Due to the long process of rolling out a school project to the tobid, which may include bond issuance and public hearings a few months before the tender, TMI feels the economic impact is slower than other businesses.
When the economy suffered a 9/11 blow and a recession, TMI did not immediately feel the impact.
It is working on projects that were awarded a few months ago.
A project for TMI may take between 18 and 36 months to complete.
\"Even if the economy recovers, we (industry)
\"This is the last time to feel it,\" said Tom Krank, head of the information technology team . \".
Krank says other businesses are trying to acquire some of ofTMI\'s niche businesses as their markets tighten.
However, TMI remains strong.
Dean Rummel, president and chief operating officer, pointed out that employees of the company are the source of this power.
As chairman of the local school board, Rummel said the high school graduation rate was about 92%.
Many graduates go to college.
When TMI wants to recruit, it has a lot of high school graduates to choose from.
Most of the town\'s residents have an agricultural background for Norwegian and German people, and Rummel attributed their strong professional ethics to those backgrounds.
Excellent staff are not lacking, says Rummel.
For companies with about 7% employees, he says, the return of more than 400 a year will be high.
As a high quality employee, software enhancements help to run a good business, as do fully integrated software.
All components operated by TMI are associated with the software.
At the time of quotation, multiple options and prices can be provided for customers.
By modifying the compartments and specifications, custom cabinets and counters can be created and priced accordingly.
The Configurator program calculates the materials and labor required to build each cabinet.
\"Our history shows that this system is 99.
\"It\'s 9% accurate in terms of labor,\" Krank said . \".
All details, including the labor time that should be spent on the cabinet, help to get the exact price of the work order.
The company\'s intranet website allows employees to view work schedules.
They can do so on computers in offices, factories and lounges.
\"You can click on an item to learn the details and see when it was cut, assembled, loaded or invoiced,\" Krank said . \".
Look at the recent statistics and you can do something similar.
\"We have a recent management project,\" added Krank . \".
\"Anyone can go to the system to view (the number of)recurs.
It gives us time to look at the cause of the defect.
If a particular machine or process causes a large number of errors, we will look for a solution.
\"TMI has had an integrated software system for decades.
\"Through the late stages of 70, 80 and 90, we have developed the configurator software internally on the AS400,\" Kranksays said . \".
\"It gives us an advantage over many of our competitors.
\"The first system for TMI was developed by an employee.
Krank said that the company did carry out estimates, detailed designs and raw material production, while the systems of other companies had different packages for such products.
\"In 1994 we got in touch with a German software developer who has a software that seems to be compatible with the way we do things.
The first version is DOS. based.
We know it will be upgraded to a towel soon.
\"This software brings us to a new level because it allows us to extract data from the data and it\'s easier to connect with other packages,\" Krank said . \".
Today, all aspects of the business are linked, including databases that store purchasing and financial data.
\"We are also in touch with Ardis,\" added Krank . \".
Software released by Eurosoft Inc.
, Helps to eliminate bottlenecks.
It automatically creates patterns instead of waiting for someone to edit them manually.
Krank says Ardis is a key component of the production software.
It\'s hard to believe that part of TMI\'s history is written in redink.
It was acquired by late owner Larry strand in bankruptcy in 1969 and rebounded, and the books fell into red again in 1978.
Strand opened another factory in Dickinson and ventured into the hotel/motel furniture market, even creating movable partition doors.
\"We made a mistake,\" Rummel said . \".
\"1978 of the time, we were technically bankrupt again.
The decision to sell the factory and focus on the work of the laminate case was made, and a turnaround soon took place.
Strand was killed in a plane crash, and a group of his employees bought TMI in 1985.
They helped the company succeed.
Today, tmi cases, building wood products and countertops can be found throughout the United States.
The company has direct sales operations that handle sales in parts of the country where there are no distributors.
It has independent dealers in Canada\'s province of SA and Manitoba.
23 Semi-tractors once orders are accepted and products are designed and manufactured-
There are trailers to transport them.
They are part of TMITransport, which is also part of the Dickinson plant. \"Ninety-
5% of our products
\"The state was deprived,\" Rummel said . \".
\"We can provide services to all regions.
Trailers can also bring back raw materials.
\"TMI uses CAD to visualize reception, conference tables, cabinets and countertops and then make them in its two Dickinson factories.
The two factories are combined, with a total area of 175,000 square feet, including two-storey office space.
In a building, the case work was completed.
In the other case, the reception desk was made and the KKR countertop was laminated and the edges.
Table top production in the Table Top area, the Gigen SPT 2000 panel saw cut the panel into blank space.
Then feed them through one of the two edgebanks.
If the panel is to accept a plastic laminated edge seal, it needs to go through the Homag 7400 edgebander.
The laminate is applied to the top and bottom of the panel and the Kuper laminated trimmer removes the excess material. The two-year old feed-
Through laminate is one of the most popular products in the KKR countertop area. \"Kuper custom-
\"It\'s for us,\" said Marv Barth, head of the KKR countertop area.
\"We used to weave and trim by hand.
You can run a top through it (
Laminated Trimmer)in twominutes.
He added: \"The old manual method, which includes the expansion of the panel, is close to 10 minutes.
The PVC edge is made of Homag 7800.
\"The Homag 7800 speeds up more stations,\" Barth said . \".
\"It has a contour meter that puts aradius on PVC, and a stage that involves the cutter.
\"Next, the panel goes through an echic technology Mitter saw,\" when two (panels)
Be sure to go together . \"
61% of the panels, he said, use 3mm of the PVC edge; 28.
5% plastic laminate; 2.
2% wood edge;
The rest is post-formed. \"We promote (
PVC panel)
More is the dealer . \"
It is durable and colored all the way, so it can be taken out if it has a Ding word, he added. \"(It also)
No sharp plastic radius.
\"Creating reception and case work building reception is very different from working on case work projects in TMI.
One of the 9 groups of workers is assigned to the front desk and the whole project is their responsibility.
\"They are working on a project from beginning to end,\" says Kranksays . \".
At the beginning of the new reception, the blueprint for the project was provided to the group.
They describe in detail the table design from simple to complex.
Several men work at a high reception that will be used in the control center, gym/recreation facilities of the new West River community center in Dickinson.
Several materials were used on the table, including a polished silver metal on both sides of the table to reflect Dickinson\'s agricultural history.
The metal is reminiscent of a grain box.
Many of the reception desks produced by TMI have a rounded front and can use a wide variety of wood. \"(We\'ll do)
\"Anything a customer wants can be crossed out from the list of woods including oak and maple trees,\" Krank said . \".
On the other hand, case work items are assembled in stages by different workers.
Krank added: \"First of all,\" Every project is cutting a job at atime. \".
Cut and optimize the case work parts, enter the sorting area and use IMA ribbon cell edges.
The holes are processed into door sand parts and enter the drilling center.
Two lines can run at the same time, and smaller parts can go from the ones that were put into use last year than Seth USA to IMA boring machines and bigger machines.
The drawer box was assembled, the pin drilling was completed and the drawer slider was installed.
Sub-base was built with bar codes on top of finished products.
They are scanned when they are loaded to track which products have been shipped.
In this way, the cycle becomes a complete cycle.
Helped create the plan and technology for a project and also tracked the product when it left the factory.
The software system helps ensure what Rummelcalls a \"seamless system \".
TMI system design
Dickinson, nd tmi Systems operates two factories with a total of more than 175,000 square feet and 400 employees.
The company\'s sales are $40.
2003 milong 2. Three Keys 1.
TMI has a fully integrated software system that connects all aspects of the business to produce CAD drawings and evaluate project bids. 2.
The company customizes design, engineers and construction of building woodworking components and countertops to be compatible with new or existing case works. 3.
The 92% high school graduation rate provides TMI with a talent pool for employee recruitment.
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