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To buy board type furniture and sliding door is required to buy board type furniture and sliding door is required

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-23
1, chest: according to the need to tailor 2, into the wall closet: combination in the bedroom closet is make a wall to close up a sort of chest, the size of the wardrobe can depend on the length of their own walls. 3, enter type cloakroom, generally is a closed space, only a pile of wardrobe and a place to change clothes or pick clothes; If the area of the bedroom is big enough, it can be designed as a closed cabin to put clothes, this creates a enter type cloakroom. Enter type cloakroom is women's favorite, because they were inside the room store object space have very big demand, limited space for the reasonable design is very important. Locker room internal form according to the existing spatial pattern, can be divided into: a square with u-shaped arrangement; A lot of parallel arrangement is better; Long wide, suitable for l-shaped configuration. ( 1) Cabinet put oneself in another's position type: traditional style reserves is the largest. 'Cabinet put oneself in another's position type' is the most traditional form of dressing rooms, and most can hold clothes. All dress can find their suitable 'home'. 'Cabinet put oneself in another's position type' between change clothes the most suitable clothes number more family to use, it can put all the family members of clothing classify chu na. ( 2) Formula: light simple convenient take put. 'Structured' locker room cancelled the cabinet put oneself in another's position of the side panel, replaced with contemporary feeling extremely strong metal stud. Its design is more modern and beautiful, more in line with the aesthetic idea of young people, take put clothing is more convenient. But the amount of storage locker room is somewhat small, the weight bearing is better than 'cabinet put oneself in another's position type' between change clothes, so the locker room is suitable for clothes quantity is moderate, less kinds of two people or a family of three in the world.
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