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TOTO tells you what to pay attention to when buying a bathroom-Washlet,TOTO

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-21

1. How do we identify the quality of ceramic sanitary ware products? Answer: First, identify the glaze of ceramic sanitary ware. Good glaze is white and bright, and has a very smooth feeling; inferior ceramic glaze is obviously a bit dull and a little uneven. The second is to look at the back and cut surfaces of the ceramics. The good ceramics are still white in color, while the inferior ones are beige. Finally, the ink is dripped onto the surface of the ceramic products. The good glaze only needs to be rinsed once. It takes as little as two times to rinse off. 2. Why are TOTO products more expensive than similar products? A: The top TOTO product is an important brand with a history of nearly 100 years; the second TOTO product is a product with 10 important advanced technologies, especially its glaze technology, which is a secret formula technology, and similar products cannot be imitated. The third TOTO product is a high-quality product, and its products must be strictly tested before they can be put on the market for circulation. All substandard products or defective products are not allowed to circulate in the market, so the production cost of TOTO products is relatively high. 3. What kind of technology is Washlet technology? What advantages does it have? A: Washlet is a brand-new high-tech technology. It completely subverts the traditional cleaning method, brings a new change in the toileting method, and replaces the traditional paper wiping with water washing. TOTO Washlet has 4 cleaning methods, the water temperature can be adjusted according to the comfort of the human body, the temperature of the toilet cover can also be adjusted by itself, and it has a drying function. Its deodorizing and balancing colony functions are very obvious. For male compatriots with hemorrhoids, it has the effect of adjuvant therapy, and female compatriots also have good hygiene and maintain health at inconvenient times. 4. What are the top 10 advanced technologies of TOTO sanitary ware? Answer: 1. Smart cleaning technology; 2. Constant temperature technology; 3. Super whirlpool flushing technology; 4. Automatic induction technology; 5. Hydroelectric power generation technology; 6. Super water saving technology; 7. Washlet technology; 8. Water magic technology; 9. Water whirl technology; 10. Light and shadow technology. There is also Heijiete technology, which is an environmentally friendly ceramic tile technology.

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