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travel industry building its immunity with artificial intelligence

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-28
Science and Art of artificial intelligence (AI)
Important changes have been made in different industries.
Many vertical industries affected by artificial intelligence are no exception.
There is no doubt that the context of artificial intelligence cannot be precisely defined.
However, its foundation is associated with the unlimited development of all leading industry business processes and customer services.
Some of its main alliances have played with several innovative ideas such as \"internet of things\", \"machine learning\", \"neural networks\" and \"chatbots \".
With this, the continuous progress of tourism through artificial intelligence seems unstoppable.
This leads to a lot of question marks on how to adapt to the new world that AI brings to travelers?
Or did travel robots take over the world?
Or are these AI technologies only helping travelers find the best accommodation or the best ticket for the next holiday?
In order to solve all of the above problems, before we understand the progress of artificial intelligence technology in the tourism industry, it is important to know where the tourism industry is going to grow.
Artificial Intelligence for forecasting customer preferences, booking processes, managing pre-trip and post-
Travel services, as well as personalized enhancements, provide the best experience for customers on the journey.
It\'s really fun to make travel smarter with AI technology.
The application of artificial intelligence in travelers and tourism enterprises is impressive.
Chat robot AI has played a real role in the tourism industry.
Especially when we talk about robots, we are always one step ahead in providing customer service.
For travel commerce, chatbots enable travel companies to provide the fastest online response time that even humans can\'t match.
The days when a customer representative needs to manually reply to queries and comments on a blog, social media post or website are past. The customer-
Business needs centered on providing 24/7 customer support.
The response automation is high through chat robots.
Basic inquiry of information and positions
Effectively manage travel feedback from customers through chat bots.
For travelers, the chat bot is very powerful on instant messaging apps and social media to provide time
Provide customers with smart travel services.
For example, if a flight is canceled for any reason, the robot will not only update the customer who canceled the flight, but will also provide details of the reservation for the next flight.
In today\'s time, travelers want tourism companies to know them better.
Machine learning now makes it possible for travel agencies, airlines, hotels and restaurants to provide customers with highly personalized services through travel deals and packages based on their past experience with customers.
For the travel business, this AI technology helps to track and provide the exact travel preferences of the customer.
In addition, it also helps through the real
Warm time.
Robot technology that uses machine learning and speech recognition to provide tourism information for tourists has changed the rules of the game.
Through machine learning, the robot will also improve the quality of customer service through each interaction with visitors.
For travelers: with machine learning, travelers can confidently say \"let the computer plan my trip\" when planning a trip \".
The computer will help travelers book the best-
Recommended destination, enjoy food and so on in restaurants that are highly rated by others.
A recent example is the mention of artificial intelligence Utrip
Electric travel planning app.
Artificial Intelligence for virtual assistants is also curbing major issues with booking friction, especially hotels, resorts and travel agencies.
For tourism enterprises that eliminate the concept of traditional paper manuals, virtual reality headsets will provide customers with real
Enjoy the time experience of the hotel\'s accommodation facilities.
With a virtual assistant, it\'s easy to improvise to improve conversion rates, a high level of customer engagement, and a highly personalized complete traveler experience.
Artificial intelligence using virtual reality technologypowered in-
Room service is becoming a game changer for fast booking trips and enhanced travel and hotel services that provide a personalized guest experience.
For travelers, a virtual assistant can help travelers navigate hotel services, check out the latest charges, book a room, and get travel tips.
Hijiffy is the best example of using AI technology in the best possible way.
Algorithm and frontier of artificial intelligence
AI algorithms provide unparalleled data processing and data analysis solutions for end-customer service.
For something more important in database management, this makes everything effortless.
For tourism enterprises, the application of AI algorithms is best suited to collect, authenticate and interpret data to find accurate conclusions about decision making, pricing expenditures, customer preferences, sales, the most important thing is profit margin.
The best part about AI is that it can perform data sorting accurately.
If executed by humans, there will eventually be a lot of errors and a lot of time to organize the data.
For travelers through AI algorithms, guests or visitors can automatically get what they want without even having to call the resort or hotel\'s room service team.
For example, if the algorithm knows that when you come with your wife, you prefer to eat in the room, the system automatically displays a special room menu with a bottle of champagne.
With all replies to customer inquiries on line, digital interaction has also started with tour booking customer service and reception to greet and assist visitors with room fees, city tours and more.
For the travel business through the session app, the travel business requires less human capital to address customer queries and process bookings.
A quick response to customers can save time on hotel/flight bookings and can even prove highly controllable when customer leads increase during peak season.
For travelers, visitors can simply talk on the travel app to study the best ticket prices, nearby hotels to specific destinations, and more.
For example, travelers simply show them the Thanksgiving flight option from London to New York.
They can even ask for \"frequent flyer miles\" when they buy \".
AI technology in social media tools when AI technology is associated with social media tools, it becomes very transparent for travel companies to understand customer experiences and for travelers to say their travel experiences.
It touches the traveler\'s mood.
For travel business, social media tools help to understand the frustration of travelers with flight delays or hotel accommodations that are not perfect.
In order to win the trust of travelers, tourism enterprises can go further.
They can cool their emotions by supporting travelers to understand the situation, offering them discounts on their next purchase, providing them with their next instant choice, etc.
For travelers, the fashion concept of publishing all travel memories on social media is very popular, especially in the traveller tribe.
Almost all travel fans have the habit of posting photos in the social media app.
Whether it\'s a solo trip, a family trip, a day trip, or even a so-
It is called \"world tour \".
From booking a ticket, hiring a tour guide, booking a taxi, to booking a hotel room, all get the major ratings and reviews in the social media app.
Whether it\'s a comment on Twitter about the retro style restaurant atmosphere, or an Instagram post on a photo of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or post every capture on Facebook that shows the happy hour of eating chocolate ice cream.
This can also be considered to be the time to reach the social media app that will be the only thing the traveler has to book the entire trip.
Therefore, different artificial intelligence technologies are applied more and more in the tourism industry. So!
The growth of tourism is sustained.
But what are the changes in different travel patterns for customers?
Turning on some lights for enhanced travel mode, there should be a good balance between automation and real human interaction to make the travel business a success.
The booking mode comes from \"Click, type and tap\" to book a ticket, a hotel room, or a table at a restaurant \".
With voice assistance, Messenger, social media and other digital platforms, it has gone a long way beyond the booking model.
The same is true of changing the travel mode of ticketing. The AI-
Electric virtual ticketing kiosks are slowly making room for most railway stations around the world.
Conclusion: With the popularity of artificial intelligence in the coming era, it has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Artificial intelligence is still fresh for tourism and hospitality.
There are still many errors to be sorted out and dealt.
The technology is still mature, providing a user for travelers
A friendly personalized experience that allows you to book and plan your trip online.
In addition, the travel business needs a filtered and optimized way to easily adapt to AI technology in the business process.
The advantages of artificial intelligence technology overcome these small loopholes, penetrate into the tourism industry, and provide highly personalized travel services for travelers.
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