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Two tricks to teach you how to warm up your bathroom in winter

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-21

After days of rainy weather, the temperature plummeted. The surrounding cold makes a hot shower a gorgeous thing. But, a few simple tips can instantly heat up your bathroom and make that dream a reality. Install the Yuba Yuba cleverly introduces the concept of light and warmth into the heating field, so that people have been unresolved for many years. Take a bath in your own bathroom equipped with Yuba, press the button lightly, and the warmth will come. The bathroom is like a greenhouse, allowing you to feel the warmth from head to toe, as if winter has slipped away quietly and spring has arrived. When buying a Yuba, you must first understand the size of the bathroom area. For a bathroom below 4 square meters, a 25-watt heating lamp is enough. If it is larger than 4 square meters, you can choose a 40-watt heating lamp, which is suitable for less than 10 square meters. Bathrooms below 4 square meters are warm enough to have two heating lamps. In addition, Yuba generally integrates heating, lighting, and exhaust. When choosing, it should also be based on the actual situation of the bathroom. Generally, a small bathroom has a small area and a large amount of water mist, so it is better to choose a better exhaust effect. Laying Carpets As the saying goes: Cold comes from under your feet, and the transformation of the cold bathroom environment also begins with your feet. On the ground, if it is still the layer of cold floor tiles, or the non-slip plastic blanket that was laid in summer is still there, it will be too unsympathetic to your feet, so you should replace it with cotton carpets and pure wool blankets. However, it is not suitable for one-piece laying. It can be laid near the toilet and washbasin. This is a place where people move frequently. Even bare feet will have a warm feeling rising from the soles of the feet. When laying a carpet on the ground, first of all, the dry and wet separation of the bathroom should be ensured, otherwise the carpet will be submerged or soaked in water all day long, and it will be useless. In the color of the carpet, it is better to choose warm colors, such as pink, fire red, orange red, etc., to visually warm the cold bathroom, and avoid blue, green and other cold colors.

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