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Types of stone manufacturer to introduce you to stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-13
Stone manufacturer to introduce you to stone categories: natural stone material is mined from natural rock mass, and processed into blocks or the floorboard of the plate material. Used in architectural decoration industry's two most basic types of stone material is natural stone and artificial stone. Natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone, etc. Architectural decoration with the natural stone material basically has two kinds of granite and marble. Natural stone is one of the oldest civil engineering materials. Natural stone material has the very high compressive strength, good abrasion resistance and durability, beautiful and full of decorative, after processing the surface resources widely distributed, abundant reserves, easy to use local materials, low production cost, is to build walls in ancient and modern civil engineering, Bridges and houses. Roads and water conservancy engineering main materials. Is one of the main decorative materials of modern civil engineering. Natural stone can be roughly divided into three categories. Igneous rock is made up of the mantle rocks or the earth's crust molten or partially molten material such as the formation of magma cools consolidation, granite is an igneous rock; Sedimentary rock is the place that is not too deep in the earth's surface, the rock weathering products and some other volcanoes, through water or ice transportation, deposition and diagenesis of the formation of the rock, and sandstone fall into this category. Metamorphic rock is under high temperature and high pressure and mineral mixture is a kind of natural stone has metamorphosed into another kind of stone, marble, SLATE, quartzite, jade are metamorphic rocks. Granite is a very hard igneous rock, its density is very high, scratches and corrosion resistance. It is very suitable for floor and kitchen mesa. Granite is hundreds of varieties. Refers to the deposition of marble or metamorphism of carbonate rocks, solid surface sheets for sale, dolomite, limestone, sandstone and shale and SLATE, is the derivatives of limestone, marble is a metamorphic rock can polishing burnish. has a soft easy scratches or by acid corrosion. All over the world there are numerous kinds of marble, recommend new jade block. Limestone is a sedimentary rock, is made up of calcite and sediment, form all sorts of color. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, which is mainly composed of loose quartz sand particles, rough texture, sandstone and many varieties to choose from. SLATE is a metamorphic rock, the original rock of argillaceous, opaque or neutral tuff, along the direction of plate theory can peel into thin slices. The color of the SLATE as it contains impurities, iron in red or yellow; Carbon quality for the black and gray; Calcium in hydrochloric acid bubbles, so generally named after the color classification, such as green SLATE, black SLATE, calcareous SLATE, etc. Man-made stone is made from a mixture of unnatural, such as resin, cement, glass beads and diaspore powder adhesives etc and rubble. Artificial stone ( Also known as' artificial marble) 。 Artificial stone 30 years ago in the United States, the first application of artificial stonework as adornment material is some coastal developed cities in the mid - 90 - s, after a few years is widely popular. Culture stone is mine exploitation in natural stone, SLATE, sandstone, quartz, after processing, become a kind of decorative building materials. Culture stone material qualitative hard, bright color, rich texture, style each different, compressive, wear-resisting, refractory, cold resistant, corrosion resistance, bibulous rate is low. refers to the deposit or metamorphism of carbonate rocks, marble, dolomite, limestone, sandstone and shale and SLATE, etc. As China's famous white marble is made in Beijing well dolomite, yunnan marble marble is made in Dali county, the famous dandong green card is serpentinization silicon rock. Also, as all kinds of magmatic rock of stone mining, such as andesite, diabase, long green rocks, such as gneiss called granite. Such as Beijing white tiger jian white granite is the granite, jinan blue is gabbro, and the black color of Qingdao granite is diabase. Artificial stone is a kind of synthetic decorates material. According to the different binder used, can be divided into organic and inorganic kind of artificial stone kind of artificial stone. According to the process of different production process, and can be divided into polyester type artificial marble, complex artificial marble, silicate salt type artificial solid surface sheets for sale, sintering type artificial marble four types. Granite have a little blue, also called the pingnan G654. Small sapphire stone with small blue SPAR point is also called 'blue star light'. Mainly used for exterior walls, countertops, outdoor square, Fire board) 。 Is a building decoration market
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