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Ventilation and raising of broad-leaved plants The secret of deodorization in bathroom-bathroom, deodorization, broad-leaved plants

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-25

The bathroom is an important part of the entire home decoration arrangement. With the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival, the temperature will also rise, and the work of ventilation and odor removal in the bathroom cannot be ignored. Do not change the position of the moisture-proof toilet, which is high on the ground and low on the inside. The bathroom space is limited. In the limited space, there must be no less than one bathroom product such as the washbasin, toilet, and shower. At the same time, the layout must be orderly, so that it does not affect the individual use of each product. Therefore, the bathroom needs more effort in the space layout. D. Lizhe, a designer at Home Depot's Home Decoration Building Materials Center, said: When designing a bathroom, we must first pay attention to the size of various bathroom facilities. Not crowded is a major premise, and we must ensure that each bathroom equipment has a certain distance in the use space. Secondly, the bathroom floor should be high on the outside and low on the inside. The outside can be used to put a washbasin and toilet, and the inside can be used to put a shower and bathtub, which can not only be waterproof and moisture-proof, but also achieve the effect of separation of dry and wet. Sometimes, owners feel that the original layout of the toilet is inconvenient and want to change the original design. In response to this situation, the designer D. Lizhe suggested that these facilities should not be changed lightly unless it is a last resort. He said: The toilet's water supply has been done during construction. If the owner arbitrarily changes it according to his own preferences, it will not only destroy the waterproofing of the entire toilet, but also the owner will encounter a series of problems when using it in the future, such as the sewer. blockage, etc. Natural ventilation is very important to place green plants to remove odors Many housewives will use spraying air fresheners or aromatherapy to remove odors. In fact, these methods only play a covering role and cannot fundamentally solve the problem. Designer Qiu Yang said: In fact, a better solution to odor is ventilation. Ventilation is related to the dryness and comfort of the entire bathroom, and timely ventilation can naturally take away the odor in the bathroom. If the bathroom has windows, it is of course better to open the windows for natural ventilation every day. However, many small-sized bathrooms have no windows themselves, and the space is relatively small, so ventilation and deodorization can only rely on exhaust fans and ventilation ducts. If the bathroom space is large, you can place some green plants to remove the odor in the bathroom. Qiu Yang said: the plants placed in the bathroom are preferably water stem and broad-leaved plants, such as green dill and taro. It also grows well in moist conditions in the sun. They can absorb dirt, moisture, and adjust the air, which is of great help in eliminating odors in the bathroom. The importance of light-colored tiles to improve the lighting ability and make the small bathroom transparent to the living room is self-evident. The bathroom space is generally small, and some even have no windows. If you don’t pay attention to lighting, the bathroom will become a dark and damp corner. . How to improve the lighting capacity of the entire bathroom space, so that the small bathroom can also be transparent? Sun Tao, the designer of Runzhai Decoration, suggested that the owner needs to grasp the whole when decorating the bathroom. If the natural lighting ability is not good, the light-colored tiles with higher brightness and certain reflection should be used when laying tiles. It is better not to choose antique bricks, because the antique bricks themselves are relatively dark. In addition, the bathroom can use more mirrors to increase the transparency of the entire space. If the bathroom itself has windows, the lighting conditions are good, but the space is slightly crowded. For such a bathroom, designer Sun Tao said: If the space itself is not large enough, you cannot choose large-sized bricks, and the size of each brick is better. Do not exceed 300 x 450, bricks that are too large will make the space appear cramped. If the lighting conditions are good, the owner can choose dark floor tiles and lay them at an oblique angle, which will visually make the bathroom appear larger.

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