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Zhang Guoli, an evergreen tree in the entertainment industry, supports Wei Xingguan, and the drama endorsement is correct-Performance Circle, Zhang Guoli, Wei Xingguan

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-24

The endorsement of Weixingguan brings a high-quality life concept

Zhang Guoli's film and television trends

Uncle Li is very happy recently. On April 13, Zhang Guoli starred in '1942' on the 32nd Zhang Guoli, Xu Fan and Wang Zhonglei took the stage to accept the award at the Hong Kong Film Awards. In the film '1942Such a dedicated spirit is worthy of recognition. The film is the Best Chinese Film Award, which is well deserved with Zhang Guoli's delicate performance. Since the recent urban drama 'Love Is More Beautiful' was launched in Dalian, this means that ten years after 'Golden WeddingIn the play, Zhang Guoli plays a primary school physical education teacher over 50 years old, and Jiang Wenli plays the boss of an imported car 4S shop. The middle-aged golden partner has a romantic relationship and tried the light comedy route for the first time, which has become a big attraction of the play. In modern fashion, it was the middle-aged 'uncle' who got the middle-aged 'Bai Fumei'. A while ago, at the annual commendation conference of the China Film Directors Association in 2012, Gu Changwei, who was not good at speaking, was actually teased by the eloquent Zhang Guoli. Zhang Guoli joked that he would definitely help him take good care of his wife. The drama endorsement is both correct. Zhang Guoli was invited by Weixing to manage his own film and won an award. The new film was well received. He endorsed Weixing and filmed a newer commercial. immerse in work. Men, just want to be able to afford it and let it go, to be responsible and unrestrained. To this day, Zhang Guoli's style is still the same as in the past, with good films coming out one after another, and many roles have received awards. He deserves to be an evergreen tree in the film industry. But not all actors who rely on their strength to speak can be as successful as Uncle Li. Zhang Guoli has a seemingly soft stubbornness. This stubbornness is the pursuit of himself. Zhang Guoli never advertises himself. He is accustomed to working hard and subtly penetrates your impression of this actor. When I think of this actor, I unknowingly hooked up with a high-quality actor. Just as it has created its immortal status as an evergreen tree in the entertainment industry. Weixing chose him as an advertising spokesperson. On the one hand, he valued Zhang Guoli's high-quality image and the quality that matched the brand. On the other hand, Weixing wanted to express his confidence and make himself an evergreen in the home improvement industry like Zhang Guoli. Trees, together build a higher quality of life. Bring high-end service experience to consumers and enjoy the new life experience brought by high-end pipelines.

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