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Zhang Guoli endorses Weixingguan, distributed at about 8:20--Advertising is not preachy, content is not gimmick-Zhang Guoli, spokesperson, Weixingguan

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-28

The sentence 'Around 8:20' added a bit of entertainment to the whole 3o15 party. In this era when the time limit determines the speed of dissemination, and the amount of information determines the frequency of exposure, borrowing Peter He's 'auspicious words' to announce the new trend of Weixing's new materials: Zhang Guoli confirmed to endorse Weixing's new materials, becoming a newer spokesperson, and for It shoots a series of commercials. For this cooperation, both Zhang Guoli and Weixing New Materials have their own 'selfishness'. Could it be that Zhang Guoli has a 'truth' in his new endorsement? Reveal in progress!

Zhang Guoli's newer advertising endorsement, striving for quality first, the seemingly stable advertising endorsement in the entertainment industry seems to have a slightly different taste this time, do you still remember our TV screen for a long time? It has always been occupied by a kind of lengthy advertisement, in which the endorsement star will pretend to be friendly with the audience on the other side of the TV to talk about the endorsement product. This kind of didactic advertising form is quickly resisted by the audience. A good TV series has become an interlude in a commercial? ! It is really unbearable and unbearable! Even a while ago, both the Internet and major media were criticizing this helpless advertising phenomenon, but it was always difficult to resist the stubbornness of merchants and the rough selection of advertising scripts by celebrities. How can we get rid of the didactic advertisements that fill the screen? Zhang Guoli's position is very firm. From the point of view of the star's own image, Zhang Guoli has always been favored by major advertising companies. He has done endorsements and filmed commercials. It is not difficult to find that on the road of advertising endorsements, Zhang Guoli has never had a clear and established image. He is sometimes cordial, sometimes dedicated, and sometimes sensational. Superb acting skills can easily navigate any advertising role. Endorsement of Weixingguan, boosting the new image of the high-level pipeline model. Such an actor who has flourished in the advertising circle has recently announced that he will screen advertising contacts from now on, and refuse preaching advertising in terms of advertising content. Looking back on Zhang Guoli's past advertising endorsements, there are actually many such brainwashed advertising images. Today, when celebrity brand endorsements are all in the world, such a considerate move has won unanimous praise from many audiences. Zhang Guoli also decided to abandon the ambiguous endorsement image in the past, and strive to establish a clear, professional and status brand new image through this change in endorsement style. No one can deny that the endorsement of Weixing New Materials this time is a good touchstone. It coincides with the transformation of the new image of Weixing New Materials in 2013, which coincides with Zhang Guoli. The high-quality life advocated by Weixing is integrated into all aspects of consumers, including the shaping of advertising styles. This commercial is under the banner of rejecting brainwashing advertising, and strives to make the advertising simple and simple, but it is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people without being rigid and procrastinating. It is bound to eliminate the low-spirited atmosphere of brainwashing advertisements in the advertising circle, and Zhang Guoli is precisely a figure in the entertainment industry who refuses brainwashing in advertising. The high-quality images of the two sides complement each other, and the result of the strong alliance is also promising. Let's wait and see!

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